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OCI Eligibility for surrogate child US citizen by birth born in India

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Hi there,

It looks like there is ambiguity on India visa processing centers about India OCI eligibility for surrogate child who is born in India and also US citizen by birth. OCI eligibility tool allows for normal child, adopted child - don't understand why surrogate child is not allowed. Please advise whom to contact about this discrepancy.





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Surrogate stuff is rather shady. In particular with surrogate mothers in 3rd world countries who may have been coerced into the situation.

What's wrong with adoption?

And if you want to change things, become a US Citizen, and elect people to change the laws (or run for office yourself.)

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Your question is about Indian Law and not about US Immigration. You should not expect a reply here. The Surrogate is an USC as per your post and hence you must be an USC. If not, take it up with the GOI. Getting elected here does not entitle you to change Indian Law which is what the question is about.

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