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h1b RFE Maitaining valid F1 status throughout STEM | Speciality Occupation |:

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Hi All, 

I am working full time at a startup and they file their first H1 petition this year. We recently got RFE requesting multiple things. The few main things RFE asking about

1.) Lot's of details for the company and other my colleagues(their degree, paycheck,w-2 and visa status....!!) My company is not willing to share personal details like paycheck and w2 of my other colleagues. Is I can only provide reporting structure within a company and their degrees, does it weak my case?

2.) Prove that I maintained F1 status throughout OPT. RFE requested my all paystubs from day 1 of CPT, and work hours etc.. My first job on Post OPT was unpaid. and I do not have one paystub from my STEM OPT because I was on sick leave. Does missing paystub or not having an exact number of hours I worked in last year, affect my h1b final decision? Also if my H1b gets denied for some reason, does it also affects on my remaining OPT?

3.) Speciality Occupation. (Because my degree is from Non-IT engineering background and I am working in IT.) Do Credit evaluation helps from 3rd party helps?

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Unless your company answers the RFE point by point and with specifics, your H1 petition is liable to be revoked by them.

Maybe a lawyer can sort it out though I have my doubts.

Where did the CPT come from?

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You mention CPT. That's a big red flag right there.
If you signed up with a fraud "CPT from day 1" institution you can kiss the H1 goodbye.

And they are nowadays very strict with education requirements. Find a job that matches your degree.

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