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H1b Transfer, Joining New Company on Receipt Notice/Number

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Hi All,

Currently I'm working for small firm A , Got offer From B . Now i have decided to Join B on receipt . I have i94 approved till 09/2019

I would like to know what option i have without leaving US and continue working ,if Transfer got denied , As PP is stopped from 09/11 , H1 transfer is filed under regular 

1: Lets say my Company A not withdrawn current H1 , Can i go back to them and start working ?(I know company A as to Intimate USCIS , Just in case if H1 is active with them) 

2: If denied,Do i get 60days grace period to find new Job ?

3: If denied, How many days i can legally stay in US  ?

4: If denied, Can i ask new Employer to file H1 and start working on receipt again ? as we know LCA approval may take 10 days and I may get receipt in 10 day 

all together  , I would need 3 weeks at least . Can i legally stay in US for those 3 weeks ? 


Any suggestions that is best when denied , As my 194 is valid till 09/2019.


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Company A by law has to inform USCIS if you no longer work there, which results in revocation of their H1. If you want to go back there they would have to file (and pay for) a new H1 petition.

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2. No. Your denial will come 9 months down the line if it is denied and so grace periods are academic.

3. See 2.

4. That would be considered an inappropriate filing and hence will not help.

Just join B on receipt and let the future take care of itself. 


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2. yes

3. 60 days

4. if your h1b is again filed by company A within your 60 day grace period, then yes, you can start working with company A on receipt. if those 3 weeks is within your 60 day grace period, yes you can stay in US.

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