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I-134 for B2 Visa - Employer's Address

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Hello Everyone,

I am in the process of filling I-134 for my In-laws' B2-Visa. I have a couple of questions regarding my employer's address.

1) Is it the address where I am working or address of my employer (Address of Petitioner) that was entered in my I-129 petition?

2) If it is the address of my work location, I am working at a different address from what was entered when my I-129 was filed. Which address should I put?

I would appreciate any help with this. Thank you.

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there is NO such thing as sponsorship for B2 applicants....an I-134 is totally useless, legally unenforceable and not needed nor required by B2 applicants...COs do not care about YOUR job, YOUR bank account, YOUR car or house...they are only interested in the reasons an applicant has (or not) to overcome the presumption of immigrant intent....and an I-134 cannot and does not do this...ever.....a total waste of time and effort....your in-laws (and anyone else) must qualify on the strength of THEIR OWN situation, not yours....you cannot be legally 'responsible' for them nor their actions, you have NO legal authority over them and cannot  make them comply with US laws or regulations

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