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Mike regg

H1 B Approval Validity until 12/31/18 (for 2 months )

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Hi guys ,


i need urgent guidance from you !!

I got know from my employer today that my H1b got approved until 12/31/18 (for 2 months ). only. so I have couple question regarding this one.

1) if my employer will file extension for me, but lets say If something wrong with extension then can I switch over CPT(based upon pre-admission through University) ? not being negative but just thinking for other side of the coin too.

2) i have full time offer from company X and  then if they start transfer process for h1 b from current company Y then I believe it may take 3 months which will cross my current approval date, so after 12/31 while transfer is being pending , can I stay in USA and work after 12/31 based upon Application receipt notice for new employer X ? if X company is allowed me to work until they gets approval for transfer case then can i allow to work during grace period  base upon transfer receipt (considering that Y company is not filing extension for me)?  because if Y company is file extension and X company start doing transfer then if it approved through X company  then even i have to wait for Y company extension approval notice . 

3) can i get grace period for transfer application with new employer ?

4) what could be best feasible option to work with such issue ?


Thanks ,


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Assuming you have had an employment during OPT:

1. Your H1 has already started. There is no going back to CPT now. "Day 1 CPT= Call Perfect Trouble". 

2. You can start on receipt number. You have used X and Y so many times, it's hard to understand who is your current employer? Please don't say Z:)

3. The grace period of 60 days is upon termination of employment, only if, your I-94 is valid >60 days. The grace period of 10 days listed on I-797 is period of authorized stay and NOT the period of authorized work. You cannot work beyond I-797 validity unless the H1-B extension is in process. 


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