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H4 To F1 COS RFE, Proof of valid status & bridge gap

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Hello All, 
I have applied for change of status on 15th Nov 2017 from H4 to F1. My school start date are 8th Jan 2018 and end date is 9th Aug 2019. My i94 expired on 1st Sep 2018. In the meanwhile, without my knowledge my school DSO deferred my SEVIS status to course start date as 7th Jan 2019. Actually i'm attending the school right from 8th Jan 2018 (and also i have Continued attendance I20s given by my school on June 22nd 2018 & Sep 26th 2018). Now i got an RFE, since my course start date is 7th Jan 2019 (30 days after my i94 expiry), provide evidence that i have maintained status or submitted a bridge gap until 30 days before my course start date. And also they provided some notes regarding maintaining status, filing bridge gap etc..How do i respond to this RFE? is it advisable to tell USCIS that my Start date in Sevis was moved without my knowledge and show evidence of my continued attendance I20s etc.. And also can i ask my school to revert back my Start and End dates in SEVIS to (8th Jan 2018 till 9th Aug 2019)?? Please let me know

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