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Risks involved in doing H1B visa stamping in third country?

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Please see the previous post here

I am an Indian citizen present in the US on H1B visa. First stamping (3 years) has expired and the H1B was renewed for the next 3 years by a new employer. 

I am married to a Polish citizen who is present in the US on H4 visa. My PERM is approved and the lawyers will do concurrent filing of I-485, I-140, and I-765 in a week. They said they will file for AP once I come back in Jan 2019 as if they file it now and leave the country it will be considered as abandoned, unlike above forms which only requires the applicant to be present in the US during filing. 

We are planning to travel to Poland for Christmas and both of us will need new visa stamps. I reached out to the Krakow, Poland consulate where I am planning to take the visa interview and they said they do third country h1b visa stamping but as always it is recommended to attend in the home country. I asked company lawyers about this and they asked me to call the consulate and confirm. On phone, they said they do third country visa stamping and the time for processing the stamp is 3-5 days.

I am planning to attend the visa stamping in Krakow and want to understand what all can go wrong and have a backup plan. 

1. Visa denied: I can fly to India and try to get a stamp there.

2. Administrative processing: In this case, I will be stuck in Poland but since I have my wife's family there I have a place to stay although the Schengen visa is only valid for 90 days. But I am assuming 90 days will be sufficient time.

Are there any other issues I should be aware of?


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Both are good options but Home country is always better. Just carry all the documentation where ever you go.

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