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Mother with US Green card entering from Canada

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My mother has a US green card since 2008 and it is valid till August 2019. She is currently in India and I am a US Citizen.

She left US in 2012 (along with my father who also had his green card) and since then she has not returned back. My father recently passed away and I want to bring my mother back to USA. I know that, since she has been out of USA for such a long time, returning back would not be possible via air as they would question the validity of the GC at the port of entry at the airport.

My question is:

1. What are the chances of having my mother fly to Canada and enter US via Road?

2. Does Canada Immigration check the validity of the GC? (On Card it is still valid till August 2019)

3. What documents would I need for my mother to go to Canada first? Is her GC enough or does she have to get a Visa?

4. At the Canada Border, what kind of questions would the US Immigration officers would ask?



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You will most likely have to file for her GC once again. Discuss the possibility of a Returning Resident visa which would be very difficult to get under the circumstances with a Lawyer.

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She can't enter from Canada, either.
Her GC is invalid. Entering with it would be immigration fraud.
You would have to file a new I-130 for her.This would be with Consular Processing, where she would get an Immigrant Visa. She can enter with that.



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