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EB2 or EB3 India Category Dilemma

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I am a recepient of an approved I-140 petition in EB-3 India quoata with a priority date of November 22, 2010. I recently switched employers and my new employer is reinitiating my Permanent Residency process. I am now eligible for EB-2 India category. As per the current timelines and immigration climate, is it recommended to file in EB-2 or EB-3? Please advise.

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No one can answer that question. First read this latest post.


According to the news EB-3 is likely to advance ahead of EB-2. Typically it is advisable to process with EB-2 but given the prediction it is advisable to do the opposite. The prediction from Mr. Oppenheim have become true past many times. If I had to decide, I am 60/40 divided for the case with favoring EB-3.

Lot of EB-3 are moving to EB-2 and this is one of the reason why EB-3 is ahead. Things can reverse and nobody can assure 100%. Even if you make decision in any category, given that your PD is so close, it won't affect you to great extent. But don't delay in taking action.

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