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Reason for job termination in H1-B Visa interview

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My job got terminated due to inappropriate payments at the food counter. I have a new employer filing for the H1B visa. Will this create a problem in the stamping interview? Will the VO ask about the reasons for termination, as I have gap in my job and will be leaving the country until the H1 is approved. I don’t want the VO to think I committed shoplifting. I made an approximate payments at the counter and there was no case or compliant registered. Company’s HR told I will not be eligible for re-hire. Will the VO do a background check with the previous employer to look for termination reasons? I am not going to lie to the VO during interview, I want to be straight upfront and honest. My documentation, work experience everything looks clean. I am looking for suggestions on how to handle this and present myself without jeopardizing my situation any further.  

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well, what exactly does 'inappropriate payments' mean? Did you give too much change to a friend or relative? Did you pocket some cash? Sounds like whatever happened was a display of dishonesty

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Nobody has to give a reason for being let go. Companies have the right to hire and fire . Penny wise and pound foolish sometimes comes back to bite. Why would you resort to petty malfeasance to save a few bucks?

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11 hours ago, chandrapavan1991 said:

My job got terminated due to inappropriate payments at the food counter.

- How does your c0mpany HR knows about this "approximate payment"  if no criminal charges were filed and you were not arrested ? 

- The bottom line is to be truthful to the immigration officers.

Please consult an appropriate immigration and criminal lawyer for in depth review of your case. 

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