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Green card processing - Timelines

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I am sure that the answer to this question is tricky and may include more explanations, however I will still try it . Note that I work for a reputed MNC and recently applied the GC . Right now, its still with the Outside Legal [ After several months of Internal chasing etc ] . I am yet to get any response from the Outside Legal on when will they submit my application yet. The approximate timelines is somewhere around December'2018. I am yet to get any indication whether its going to EB-1 or EB-2. Here are my questions,

1. My I94 will get expired during the month of January - 2020, Maximum Physical stay is August'2020 . I am on my final extension [ Came to the US on July'2014 ] .  Do you think that I have any possibilities to get the response within January - 2020 ? In terms of I-140 or anything... 

2. My Company suggested that they can still go with this process If I am unable to get the required documents/approval post Jan'2020, Am I eligible/legal to stay post Jan'2020 ? My I-94 will get expired, but MPS is August'2020

I have close to 11 months of managerial experience in India before moving to the US. Here, I am leading multiple initiatives/projects. Do you think that I can be picked up for EB-1 ?



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They can file an extension of your H1 till July, 2020 if necessary.

EB preference is based on the job requirements as well as your credentials and they should match. The determination is made by USCIS on receipt of the I-140.

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