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Citizenship Timing, Expiring Passport and Travel to India

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Hi All

Apologies for an array of questions in advance:

My Situation:

  • I am a permanent resident
  • Will be completing 5 years on 14 Feb, 2019
  • My Indian passport has expiration date 19 April, 2019
  • I live in Dallas area
  • Planning on applying for Naturalization in Nov (ie. 90 days before)
  • Planning on visiting India for a month between end of Feb to End of March


  1. What is the general timeline for getting the bio-metrics appointment? From what I have read so far it's usually a month after the 5 year completion.  Which in my case appears to be month of March and that's when I am  planning on travelling. What are the impacts of missing the scheduled bio-metric, if at all?
  2. I looked at the processing times (https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/), for naturalization is the typical wait between bio-metric and interview / Oath. I am confused how the wait time is split? Do they wait to schedule bio metric or wait to schedule the interview?
  3. Can I pick a processing center of my choice or it's auto selected at the time of application? There are couple of processing centers in TX. Do I have an option to pick a processing center outside of TX as well? Are interviews and oath ceremonies scheduled onsite at the center?
  4. It makes sense for me to get my indian passport renewed since it's expiring a month after 2/14/2019?

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1. It should take up to 3 months after you apply for the bio-metrics. 

2. The processing times are not reliable.

3. Based on your address of record, you will be allotted a suitable center.

4. Yes.

Make sure you apply not earlier than 90 days before you are eligible. Add an extra few days before applying.

Read the manual M-476 in its entirety and start getting familiar with the list of 100 questions or so of which you may be asked a few regarding civics. 

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