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Mr. Akki

False Domestic Violence Case threat

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I am reaching out to you regarding an issue with the false allegation of domestic violence on me in India. So earlier this year in February my wife was arrested here in Kansas, USA for Domestic Violence on me as she called the cops and tried to put false allegation for domestic violence on me, but after some investigation and interrogation cops determined that she is the one who is responsible for the domestic violence and therefore the cops arrested her for harassing me and I was the victim of Domestic Violence. Due to all this, Johnson County Police Department, Kansas reached out to Indian Embassy since she didn't had anyone except me here in US and since I was the victim, I was under the protection and  they didn't had any other choice then reaching the Embassy to take care of the issue. So, a person from the Washington DC Indian Embassy reached me regarding this issue. He convinced me to get her out of the prison as he said it doesn't look good to see an Indian inside the bars. So next day I got her out of the prison and the DA dropped the charges against her and as soon as she was out I sent her back to India as advised by the Embassy person. But now after almost 8 months with no contact from me and my family at all for straight 8 months with any of her family member including her, she is threatening me and my family to file a false domestic violence and dowry case on me and my family, and asking Rs. 2 Crore in exchange of her giving me a divorce. So, I am really scared about the situation and all my family is scared too. I am planning to visit India to look into this matter but before going to India I have some questions:
1. What are the chances that I will get arrested in India and if I get arrested what are the chances that they impound my passport and hinder my US return?
2. Will this affect my work or any Visa process here in US as I have my H1B extension due next year?
3. How long can they impound my passport as I cannot stay in India for long as I don't have that many days off left?

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Firstly do not get worried about  this false cases she is threatening to file in India. Even if she files your parents can get bail prior to arrest etc.Now a days, Indian police make phone call prior to even filing false DV or 498A( Dowry Harassment) files. So,you will get  an opportunity to explain to local police everything in detail, on side note you being an NRI ,police might threat you for some bribe ,so ask your parents to find some good lawyer.Finally , do not travel to India unless you have any other urgent need than this. More importantly keep record of her blackmailing(emails/chats/calls).As long as your in US your VISA extension will not be effected

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