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H1B approved with consular process..Need urgent help

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Hello, I need urgent help of my approved H1B. My H1B has been approved with consular process and I am in USA right now on F-1 status. My questions are:-

1) Can I make a formal request to USCIS, to change my status from F-1 to H1-B without leaving the country (though it was approved as consular process) as I am here. If yes how it can be done, will you able to make it successful scenario for win win situation. 

2) If not , what is the possibility of getting the VISA stamping approval in my home country, what can be the consequences and what can be done if that situation arise. I really appreciate your precious advice and suggestion in this particular case.

3) If they reject the stamping in my home country, can I able to get into USA on my previous F-1 Visa. 

4) If nothing works out, what can be my last option to get into USA, as a legal non immigrant.


Thank you so much in advance.

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Need more information:

Did the employer file it as COS? If so, why was the COS not approved? Are you out of status on the F1, e.g., because of CPT?


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what are you worried about? If the H1b job is legit and you have the right degree, approval is mostly a formality..remember, 214 (immigrant intent) does not apply to H1b visas...now, if the job is shady compared to your actual degree, that will be a problem. For example, if you have a degree in Business Admin but are seeking to work as a computer programmer, that might not work. What is the H1B job and what degree do you have?

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