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Affidavit for Birth Certificate Questions

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I have received request for further evidence pertaining to my birth certificate.

Initially I sent copy of my School Leaving Certificate, Domicile certificate, in place of my birth certificate.  As response to this RFE, I acquired my birth certificate.  I got birth certificate, but my name is not mentioned on it.  So my mother (as father is deceased)   made Affidavit for Birth Certificate.

My questions are-

1. I have two documents- one is Affidavit for Birth Certificate signed by "Executive Magistrate" of the county where I was born.  Another is Affidavit for Birth Certificate, signed by Advocate (similar to Notary).  Both have same content. So shall I send one signed by Magistrate or by Advocate or both?

2. While sending reply to this RFE, should I send original copy of the affidavit or send the photocopy.  I can show original when I go for interview.  This way I do not have to worry about mailing the original and might be lost.

If I send photocopy, then they might send another RFE, asking for original Affidavit, and sending them afterwards might delay processing, which I cannot afford.

Pleas do let me know your input soon.

Thank you.



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Hi Pontevecchio,


I am currently in the US on student (OPT) visa.  I got married to US Citizen, last year.

Hence I have filed for my green card.  In response, I got RFE ( Request for Further Evidence) with respect to my birth certificate. 

Initially I submitted, School Leaving Certificate, in place of birth certificate.  When this RFE came, I got my birth certificate, only to reveal that it does not have my name on it. So I need to submit Affidavit for Birth Certificate.

In this context I need affidavit.  My question shall I send original copy of affidavit as said in RFE notice or send photocopy.

Let me know.

Thank you.






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Get a couple of original affidavits of each variety. Usually they tell you not to send originals. While the fact that you are married to an USC makes the matter foolproof, if you get any more run around after sending these, feel free to let a lawyer deal with the followup.

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