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221 G white slip

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I was on B1/B2 Visa when I visited US 2016 to attend a wedding ceremony, I met an old associate of mine (a US citizen by naturalization) at the occasion we renew our friendship...we had time together which resulted to a bouncing baby boy last July 2017... I couldn't visit US throughout her pregnancy due to some difficult work scheduled. I visited them December 2017 and spent 5 months to assist with baby stuffs while she work on night shift. We had no plan of getting married but I have responsibilities over them. My B1/B2 B2 expired September 2018, I did a Dropbox and was issued a 221G slip to reschedule another follow up interview at the embassy. 

My question is what will I present to have my case settled and get my visa renewed? 



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You should discuss the matter with a lawyer first. You have a child living here. The Mother is an US Citizen. Getting a Tourist visa could and I say could be a problem.

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Question #1: does your employer provide a 5 month paid vacation? (no)

Questions #2: where were you working during those 5 months? (if you answer, 'huh, me, er, gosh, no, I, er, ...") the interview will be over....as it is doubtful you took $15,000 or more with you to the US....

Question #3....more than likely, there won't be one, as it is impossible to remain in the US for 5 months as a 'tourist' unless you are Bill Gates. 

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