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Travel to India (H1B RFE)

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I am currently working as a Software Developer and I have remaining 1 year of OPT Stem extension approved  until 2019 November. My employer going to submit the response to RFE in next month.

I have to travel India for my wedding in December 2018. Will it be advisable to leave the country and come back without any issues in my case. 

Please suggest me.

Thanks for your time!

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Returning on OPT status is extremely risky. I would advise to get permanent status such as H1b. OPT is always considered as transition state and there is really no requirement of binding with any institution (Employer, School). 

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Congratulations on your wedding.

Here is my input. I have lived in this country mostly on student visa since 2006 and I had two OPT's (one after MS and one after PhD). I have traveled to India on OPTs in both those periods. I had no issues on my return. Matter of fact, the officers did not even want to see my OPT card. No matter if you have OPT, remember that you're still a student. Till you have a valid I-20 and F1 visa, you should be able to travel back. Make sure to get your I20 signed by your Univ. immigration officer and take a letter from your employer in case and a proof of earning (pay stubs) just in case. 


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