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H1b Transfer RFE, please respond.

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My employer filed for h1b transfer and I got RFE. It says RFE/NOID/NOF/Audit. What do these mean?

they are requesting additional information or documentation so that this case can be decided.

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19 hours ago, macizya said:

It says RFE/NOID/NOF/Audit

Are you saying that this is the exact text in your RFE ?

Request your employer to share the RFE document with you. Usually employers are not legally obliged to do that, however for faster and better processing of the case, employers share the document with their employees so that they can review it and understand what concerns USCIS has raised about the petition and appropriately provide a response.

If the document has your employers company specific details which are being challenged or questioned, in my experience I have noticed in such cases employers do not share that doc since it has company related confidential information that they are not comfortable sharing with the employees.

My employer filed for h1b transfer ? You mean to say your new prospective employer has filed a petition for H1B Transfer and not your current employer.

It's confusing.

Consult with your Employer and their Immigration Team. You can even consult private immigration attorneys at your own expense if you feel that your immigration team is not of much help to better understand the situation you are in.

This may add value on how the transfer process works , please take some time out and read this Murthy Law Firm's article 



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