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VISA Stamping Experience Calgary - Oct 2018

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Following was my Experience in Calgary for H1B Visa . It might be useful for somebody.( I had applied for Canada Visitor Visa through VFS 2 months before the interview)


Monday Oct 8th: 

  1. Took flight from DFW to Calgary. ( American airlines have direct flight from SFO ,Dallas and Seattle).

  2. Booked a hotel nearby Embassy ( Holiday Inn Express & Suites Calgary, 1020 8 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 1J2, Canada)

Tuesday Oct 9th:  [ My appointment was at 10 AM ]

  1. Took a taxi from hotel to embassy (615 Macleod Trail SE, Calgary, AB T2G 4T8, Canada) . it is few minutes away from the embassy. (Trains are free inside Downtown) I took taxi since it was snowing.

  2. Interview was smooth.  Finger prints was in the same building before the interview.  Just few questions about 1. FTE or Vendor ( I am in FTE with the Company for 6 years)  2.how long I have been with Company  3. What are you doing in the company  and roles. It was just for 5 mins. 

  3. Once interview was over Consular  said I can collect the passport within 3 to 5 days.

NOTE: The Status in the DS-160 will be "Administrative Processing ". Do not panic on this status. That is the only intermediate status they have for Visa application which are accepted and submitted in the US embassy. The next day morning i.e. Oct 10 it got changed to "Issued"


Wednesday Oct 10: 

  1. DS-160 status changed to Issued.

  2. The passport tracking number was generated and I chose delivery as Canada Post in the 6th ave in Downtown.

Thursday Oct 11:

  1. Passport was ready for pickup in the Canada Post office .

  2. Collected with  Bar code for the tracking number and phot Id ( I had moved to Dallas recently and License had old address. So had o show the Lease agreement for address proof in US ( they also accept bank statements for residence proof.


Saturday Oct 13:

Port of entry was completed in Calgary airport and no questions were asked except verification of the visa stamping.


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Awesome, thanks.

Follow up question : " The Status in the DS-160 will be "Administrative Processing ".

Did the officer informed you about this interm status. I had a similar status when I was issued 221G and it took about 15 working days for it to change to Issued status. Does that mean that in Calgary usually 221Gs arent issue however it's fast tracked behind the scene, what ever investigation or verification that USCIS intends to do.



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