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H1b Amendment

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Hello everyone , 

i have a stamped H1b visa from 2017 oct to July 2019  which got stamped for Stamford location . I some how couldn’t travel because of projects issue . Now that I got project they asked me to file amendment on Sep 18 2018  but came to know that  uscis portal premium processing is freezes till Feb  2019 . In mean while I got new offer from reputed bank now I’m confused stage to decide . 


Visa stamped location > Stamford Connecticut 

new lca location > West Point PA 

Incase amendment filed in Feb 2019 April if I come to know results I would be left with 3  months left for petition  to expire 

please suggest me if I need to wait for five more months for the amendment to file and wait for results or to move on in India with new offer ( joining date is nov 12 ) 

please let me know from Chances of amendment approval ( currently I’m  working in US based service provider MNC) 



thanks in advance and much appreciated !! 


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Wanted to be more clear on topic

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They can file a new non cap H1 petition for the duration of the new project though approval will take many months and is not guaranteed in these times.

Since you ask, take the bank job.

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You do not file anything, your employer will file petitions on your behalf. Please work with your employer and their attorneys. Nobody knows about the chances of approval. Usually with the current trend, there are a lot of RFEs and denials with non full time petitions. Your case and questions need to be looked at in depth  by an qualified attorney to suggest you. Hence, my suggestion is to work with your employer and their attorneys. They are paid to do exactly this.  

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