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H4-EAD approved while COS is pending

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Hello All,

I filed for H4-EAD to my spouse in July (when i was on H1B). Meanwhile, i got naturalized through my service for US Armed Forces and now I am a US Citizen.

Today, my spouse's H4-EAD got approved and USCIS mailed the EAD.

Now that i am a US citizen, is that H4-EAD considered valid? Can my spouse look for work opportunities using the H4-EAD?

Besides, am also planning to sponsor GC-EAD, it would be a COS pending till the time it gets approved. Will there be any problem in future, if we use this H4-EAD?

Can anyone please give your valuable inputs to understand how USCIS tracks the change of status and work authorization.



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Her H4 status is no longer valid and so is the H4 EAD. Using that would be fraud.

If you are still in the Army, ask the Legal guys whatever they are called to help you.

If you will not talk  to the Army Lawyers, get a consult with an Immigration Lawyer. Be aware that at least till the TRUMP Universe, transgressions by the spouses of US Citizens are invariably forgiven and she may be able to wait out the 0ne year or so. The Army will help you. You have to approach them if you are still in the Army.

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