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AB 60 license from California DMV

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My question is about legal ramifications of California AB 60 driver's license.

I am a student on F1 OPT, who graduated October 2017.  My EAD expired on Oct 1st 2018 but, since I had applied for STEM extension on August 20th and my degree qualifies for STEM extension, I understand from my university's international center officials that I can continue to stay/work in the US.

The problem is that DMV is unable to verify my status from USCIS database (or from whatever the DMV uses to verify legal status of applicants). So, my driver's license is currently expired and I am unable to renew it. The default course of action is to wait for my new EAD to arrive, which can be some time in December, given current processing times. This is extremely difficult situation for me.

So, I was considering applying for AB 60 driver's license at DMV, which requires only residence and ID proof. My question is : are there any ramifications on my legal status if I do this? I am asking for longer term, if I decide to apply for a Green card EAD, will this come up? I have been a perfectly legal resident so far and I don't want to move to gray zone just because of this driver's license issue.

Thank you very much for reading and considering!

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