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First time H1B stamping in Canada. Canadian Immigration visa is IM1 visa- Masters degree in USA

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I am planning to visit Canada for H1B stamping. Here is the brief background and there are questions at the end. Request any inputs on the questions.


I am on F1-visa and hold a master's degree.  My H1b is approved. I am planning to go to Canada for stamping. Also, I have a IM1-immigrant visa which is the visa that one get once we have Confirmation of Canada PR.  So legally I am eligible to enter in Canada and obtain Permanent Residency. However, at the time of DS160 form filling, I am not yet permanent resident in Canada.


1. Will consulate officer look  at or ask my Canadian Immigration Status?

2. Will consulate officer reject if they got to know my IM1 visa status?

3. What are the chances that I get 221g kind of visa?

4. Are there any applications who went for Canada to get PR as well as H1b stamping at one of the US embassies in Canada? if so any inputs here would be helpful.

5. What is the risk that US consulate will disapprove my H1b visa based on Canada PR?

Thanks in Advance.


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3.Depends of the documents you have

4.No idea

5.Canada PR is related to Canada, H1 is related to U.S. U.S will not have access to canada immigration database and do not consider canada stuff.

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