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Travelling to Cancun (Mexico) on Expired Visa stamping

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Hello  Friends,

I live in Dallas, TX and  am planning  to visit Cancun (Mexico) for a week in December 2018. I currently hold valid H1B (I797) until Sep 2020 however my H1B stamping on Passport  is expired. I read  from  various forums that I can re enter US  with expired H1B stamping as long as we have  valid I797  using Automatic re-validation rule.  I would like to know if anyone tried this process recently from either Mexico or Canada and is there any risk associated ?

As I do not have Valid Visa stamping on my Indian passport, Do I need to obtain Mexican Visa? If I need to obtain Mexican Visa, where do I apply for it? Is it in the nearest Mexican consulate or will it be on arrival visa in mexico? I read lot of articles around this and could not get proper information.

One of my cousins also interested to travel along with us who entered US on F1 Visa and changed to H1b   this October. So he has F1 Visa stamping on his Indian passport and approved I 797 with him. Does the automatic re-validation  Visa rule apply to him or he need to go for H1 B stamping?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.








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Two Things.

1. Entering Mexico in your case needs a visa. Look up the relevant Mexican Consulate in the USA.

2. Avr is a different beast.

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Cancun is beautiful!  You'll go to Merida for the US visa stamping if needed.  You'll also need a valid US visa to travel in the interior of Mexico without Mexican Visa, otherwise, a Mexican visa will be required.  Let me know if I an be of any further assistance.

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