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H1B- Stuck in India

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Hi Friends,

Looking for  valuable assistance if any of you have faced or heard of similar case .

My H1 extension is under Premium process and i have received RFE , My Employer/Attorney has answered RFE and aim waiting for Response

Recently my father expired so i have to leave US and Iam currently in IND , As this is an unexpected emergency i have let US while my Extension is under process and i am waiting for decision

my Previous petition expired on May 02 2018 [My Employer screwed up my career as well as life as i have requested him many time to file for my extension in advance to which the response is they would do it in the order of employees whose petitions are about to expire, my employer haven't even operated after i have upgraded my case to premium inspire of my continuous requests explaining that father was hospitalised and i may have to travel India in case of emergency , but only filed response to RFE after my Dad passed away and that too after my pleading ,  the advise that was given by my employer is not to leave even in such a situation ....such an inhuman  attitude,but i have decided to leave as i am the only son and i have to pay the last rites ] career as i have 

if all goes well , i would go for stamping and in case if the extension is denied is there a way that i can travel US just for a month or for a temporary period  as i have many things that i haven't settled like House Renatal agreement, cars to be disposed bank accounts/Locker to be closed , all Furniture and house hold needs etc 





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You could apply for a tourist visa with the facts and you would have a good chance. Maybe ask the firm of Murthy in Chennai for guidance?

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