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Help needed: H1B visa lay-off grace period

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I was recently impacted by workforce reduction at my last employer on 08/29 and was notified that the effective official termination date would be 09/13; however during the period between 08/30 and 09/13 i was paid only for the one holiday i.e Labor Day (paycheck received 09/10) and wasn’t paid for any of the other days. Now, I am confused as to when does the 60 day grace period for initiating a visa transfer with another employer kicks off in my case.

Per my employer it should be 09/13 but I am unsure. Could an immigration expert or anyone who has been through a similar situation guide me? I am currently interviewing but don’t have an offer yet, and it could take another 1-2 weeks before I get one in hand so I am effectively running out of time.

Any guidance is much appreciated.

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The grace period started at your last day of work. You didn't get paid after 8/29, so the H1 ended then, and the grace period started.

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