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Simultaneous Application of Citizenship and wife GC

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My background: I have been on GC for more than decade in US. I recently got married in India. I currently live in CA. My wife already had visitor’s visa to US. She works in Hyderabad, India. I wanted my wife visit US for 6-months as she could telecommute. Our plan was after the six-months were up, she would go back, I’d apply for citizenship and I’ll apply for her green card. But when she arrived in US, she was denied entry into US, her visitor’s visa cancelled, and was sent back. I found about AOS issue only now.


1) What is the best course of action going forward to get GC for my wife in the quickest time-frame possible? 

2) Can I submit my form I-400 for citizen and simultaneously apply I-130 (and I-130A) for my wife so we can save some time?

3) Do the comments by border agent during denial of entry at airport impact her application for green card?

4) What are my/her next steps after I-130 is approved?

Thanks for all your help and advice.

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