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Bridge petition for H1B

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Hi All,


I am working with the current company A(E-V-C model) since 2008. My H1B has expired in July 2018. My employer applied for an H1B extension in May 1st week and send it to California center in normal processing along with my approved i-140(EB2I PD is dec 2010). It is still showing as under processing. Keeping in view of the current immigration climate, my employer suggested me to get a fulltime job with a software product company/direct client, to help me with my H1B. Now, I found a new job, with a great software product company B and they are filing my H1B in the month of October 2018. Now my H1b renewal/extension of stay filed by company A  becomes the bridge petition. I am planning to join company B, with the receipt notice.

1. Can my current Company A ask USCIS to approve the bridge petition until October 2018?

2. If after joining Company B, if my bridge petition by company A gets denied, am I still allowed to work for company B until the decision is made on the H1B transfer?

3. I am pretty confident that the Company B's H1B petition will be approved. But my only concern is if the bridge petition by Company A gets denied, I would be out of status, subsequently the extension of stay petition with Company B would also be denied. And I might have to go for Visa stamping and comeback. But there might be delay in Petition A's denial and Petition B's approval. Would I be allowed to stay in the country and work for Company B until the Petition B's decision comes out?

4. Can I apply for H1B transfer in premium processing with company B?

5. Do I need to goto my home country to get my visa stamping incase my extension of stay gets denied with company B?




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1. Why would the company ask USCIS to do so? And why would USCIS oblige? Its regular processing it might take forever to get a response on such a request. 

2. No

3. No

4. No

5. Yes

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