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How to respond to H1B RFE For Electronics background under below two Categories

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I have got an RFE under the below two categories:

1) Employer Employee Relationship

2)  Completion of a Bachelor Degree in specific Specialty. image.png.45c641d26baa41e29677e4284d9423fe.png

My Basic details : 

BE - Electronics and Communications ( My Educational Evaluation document of BE degree puts me Bachelor of Science of Electronics Engineering)
Work Experience - Around 8.5 Years. ( I have also undergone Infosys training successfully which is like your entire BTech  in CS cramped in 6 months timeframe)
H1b transfer Petition filed under PP for a FTE position.


Could you please let me know what are the documents I need to provide  in order to get my case approved for #2 . Has anyone faced similar issue  before and got his/her visa approved. Could you please share some templates.

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The questions raised in the RFE are legitimate questions. 

Infosys training cramped in 6 months does not count. 

There is nothing for you to do, your company attorney should be able to do all documentation. They should have asked you for the list of courses you took during your undergrad especially computer related courses. 

If you have the syllabus from the university you can share with your attorney but again, they should be able to do all that not much for you to do.

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Very difficult to answer your questions as your case needs in depth review for optimal strategy. Your best bet is to work with your employers attorneys. They are the one who are paid to do exactly this and will be responding to the RFE. 


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