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Birth certificate- wrong DOB and error in mother's first name

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The year on my birth certificate is wrong and there is also an error in my mother's last name. The birth certificate was issued in West Bengal, and I am not sure if they will issue a corrected version or how long it will take. Even if they do, won't the issue date be problem since it will not be within one year after birth? In that case, should I get the non-availability certificate and include my school leaving certificate and affidavits from parents and one relative as evidence? I will be applying for GC through marriage, and would really appreciate any help/advice. 

Please reply.

Thank you in advance,


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Begs the question, why wasn't the error fixed immediately?  

The birth certificate needs to be fixed with the correct data, followed by whatever other documents that display any incorrect information. All documents submitted to USCIS, etc have to match.  Also, did the previous PERM thru H1b not materialize? 

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In the face of a hostile environment to Immigration in general I would strongly urge you to actually get a lawyer involved for guidance unless you want to be strung along with repeated RFE,S.

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Incorrect, error-laden documents have nothing to do with environment. Any document containing errors ie "the year on my birth certificate is wrong", has to be fixed to match supplemental documents. Absolutely zero to do with any type of environment.

Quite simply, the Indian government insists on error-free docs, and so does the US and the world. 

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