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Specialty Occupation - RFE

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I have applied for my H1B under premium processing on 9/7.  I received an RFE for specialty occupation and employee-employer relationship on 9/24.

Transfer from FTE to FTE
Soc Code - 15-1133
Role - Enterprise Architect/Solution Architect
Wage - Level IV

I see that there are approvals as well as denials for specialty occupation RFE's, so kind of anxious, any success stories with the above job profile?

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It all depends on your case and how well your attorneys prepare the response. The more and detailed documentation helps your case but if you cannot provide basic documentation like client letter, no chance of approval.

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Nothing safe anymore. Everything is getting more scrutiny than ever before, can thank previous abuse, shady consultants, etc for that. 

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2 hours ago, vadas123 said:

I thought full time jobs with wage level 4 and cse background are safe, looks like not

May be a confusion at USCIS side regarding a FTE position. Or may be an outright error by USCIS officer. I would  let the attorneys evaluate and respond back and do not worry about it much. You can't do anything anyway. 

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I read through some of the blogs here and i am sailing in same boat as you all RFE. I have applied for my H1B extension in July and converted it into premium by End of Aug , and i got an RFE on sep 14 2018, It has multiple requirements and one of them is "Specialty Occupation Document" , Any suggestions or inputs to prepare this document ? Appreciate your inputs 🙂 .


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