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Severance amount on pay stub. Will this cause H1B transfer problem?

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Hello All,

I am currently on H1B Visa and my current employer is going to layoff by 1st week of October. So my last day of work will be October 5th. 

I have received my 1st two weeks of pay stub and waiting to receive next two weeks pay stub before leaving the company  however, in my pay-stub I see my company has added the severance amount and they will be adding the severance amount in my next ,last pay stub also.

Note: These pay stubs are not just severance amount.These are my work hours pay stubs but severance also added along with it.

Can anyone please let me know if there will be any problem during H1B transfer? Will I be having any issues when I submit those pay stubs to USCIS as part of H1B transfer documents ?

Any response or suggestions would be greatly Helpful.

Thanks !

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Would not bother any of the process. Severance pay should be specified in certain manner on your paystub which is outside of your hourly wage.

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