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Income Proof/ Visa Adjustment Questions

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My fiance and I have a couple of questions... 

1. I have been told that two things will be used to determine if I meet financial requirement for sponsoring my fiance; previous tax records as well as current employment records like pay stubs. This is my current situation: I am making just under the required amount of the 125% poverty level put forth by the HHS. I am currently in search for a new job as I will be moving within the US soon. With the move, I expect to make much more than the required amount. He and I would love to file for a fiance visa next year (2019), but we are not sure if I can make up the difference between now and the end of the year, (as finding a job in time to earn the money is the issue). My question is.... if I can find a 30 to 35k salary job (about 21k is required), and I hold that job for several months, can a letter from my employer proving to the immigration lawyer be enough? or will we need to wait for me to work the entire year and filing for next year's taxes, then file for visas in 2020? The last online lawyer I talked to said that I can use a letter along with my last year's taxes, but if I cannot meet the requirements this year before end of December, could that letter, along with my pay stubs, be enough to prove my ability to financially sponsor him?

2. My fiance is coming to visit this December. We have read that anyone that comes into the country on visitors visas, or tourists visas, etc. have a difficult time having fiance or spousal visas approved. We want to know if he comes in December for just under two weeks and then returns to his home country, if we will run into issues several months down the line (mid 2019). We are unclear if its entering the country on a visitors/tourist visa then marrying while here, then adjusting (we know this causes issues because its entering the country under false intentions)... or if its even just having a tourist/visitors visa, going back home, then applying for a fiance visa.  He will not be entering the country on a tourist/visiting visa with the intention of marrying me or adjusting to the fiance visa. He is coming just for a visit, and then he will go back home and then we want to file for the fiance visa. Common sense says him visiting in december will not be an issue since he will be going back home and of course, before filing, you have to have been together/meet within two years. But this scared us, and we just want to cross our T's and dot our I's before moving forward! :)

Thank you for the help in advance!!! 

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5 hours ago, pontevecchio said:

Can you get a close family member to act as co-sponsor? for the fiance visa.

for cultural reasons, I really cant get family to cosponsor. I really could get my cousin to, as she supports us, but the rest of my family? Not so much. They just dont understand why I cant find someone here in the US to marry, so if I ask to have a cosponsor, I would pretty much lose my entire family over it. 😛 

Anyway, I can get it done, I just wanted to know how long we would have to wait 🙂 

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