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U-Visa Application

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Hello, I was part of a domestic robbery case ( Home invasion ) and I applied for U-Visa in 2014. I got few questions regarding my application,

1. My deferred application is approved recently and my visa might be approved in next few weeks / months. I have been told by my attorney that if I travel outside US while my deferred application is approved, there might be un necessary risk at the POA, how true is that?

2. If at all I decide to revoke my application now, will I have to go through any risk if at all I travel out of country?

3. Once my U-Visa gets approved and my status in the system changes from my current visa ( H-1B ) to U, will I have a chance to go back to H1B again?

4. What is the likely of getting a visa stamping for the U status if I travel outside US? Is it complete Zero of getting stamped or is there any chance?

It would be of a great help if anyone can help me with the above queries please.


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Is there any reason why you are not trusting your lawyer to answer these questions? Most lawyers let alone a forum would have to look up the answers .

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