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Does I94 Change for Bahamas Visit

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My Current H1 is valid until Jan 2019 and I have planned for a Bahamas trip in the first week of October 2018.

Meanwhile my current employer has filed my H1 extension process (not transfer) with USCIS in premium processing. (post Sep 11).

I am hoping my petition result would be available by end of next week.

However I just would like to know if visiting Bahamas would change my previous I94 number?

Thanks for your response





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Hi, I am in a situation where I went to cruise from Florida to Bahamas. I can see the exit from US in my travel history. But I do not see re-entry back into US in my travel History. Also I do not have any stamp on my passport at the time of reentry back into US. The immigration officer at US port of entry never stamped anything on my passport. 

I need to apply for my extension. And there is a section in I129 form and I539 form, which ask for "Last US entry date and port". Since my online travel history is showing exit date form US, But is not showing reentry date back into US, what date shall I fill here? Also Since online travel history is showing me as out of US, shall I go for consular processing for my extension? But I am already in US. Its just that the travel history at CBP portal is incorrect.


How can I get this mistake corrected. ? I am planning to go to local CBP office and see if they can edit my most recent travel history with this updated entry info. 
What all documents shall I carry with me when I got to CBP office? Please suggest. Will they be able to correct it?


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No need to correct anything. I-94 arrival departure record is sometimes incomplete. They mention that on right side too. It is just kind of guideline of records. Especially when you travel visa cruise, they may or may not note it down.

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