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anonymus user

Can I travel out of country? Will there be any impact to my Greencard?

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I got my greencard thru my husband in 2011. I was in Texas and he was in Minnesota but in my greencard application he mentioned that we both were living together in IL and I signed those documents without reviewing . In 2013 I got divorced and now I applied for the naturalization and during the interview, officer raised a concern saying your info provided in the greencard application is not matching to the info I provided during the interview process.  And he said I will receive a letter in mail, but I didnt receive any till now and its been more than 6 months.  now I have a situation that I have to travel out of country and am not sure what to do. could you someone please help me out here and tell me if there will be any issue if I travel out of country now?

Just an FYI:

Usually if we are not living at one location and if we apply for greencard there will be an additional interview process with greencard it seems. But for me it was just the biometrics.

I am trying to understand if there will be any problem with my greencard now? Will they take any kind of action on my green card? and can I travel out of country?

Please help me in clarifying this.

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I didnt receive any letter from USCIS yet. so all the attorneys whom I spoke to asked me to wait till I receive the letter fromUSCIS. and its been more than 6 months that I have completed my interview. am still waiting for the letter.

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Whoever filed the green card application thought they'd get away with either lying about a) the two residences to obtain a marriage based green card without presumably living in marital union, or b) hoped to sidestep that additional interview process with separate residences. Either way, USCIS did it's job and caught on to the misrepresentation. 

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The matter will not go away unless you proactively actually retain a lawyer with money and ask him to followup. It is possible you are mistaken as to why the delay. Couples do work in different towns for various reasons and it is not automatically a ground for rejection. The fact that you were married before the GC is a powerful deterrent to allegations of fraud.

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     I didnt do any fraud here, I came to USA on a valid F1 visa and did my masters here. and I was in USA from atleast 3 and half years before marriage, and I got married to this guy and at that time I am on Valid H1 visa. And I just trusted a person and just signed some documents without reviewing, thats the mistake I did and I got the green card after 1 and half year of our marriage. Yes I did a mistake by blindly signing such imp docs. thats the reason I am seeking for help and suggestions. Please guide me..

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