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Need to cancel my visa after approval!!

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Is there a way to cancel my visitor visa? Used once 4 years back & do not want it anymore...

I know it sounds kind of weird but I've personal issues to getting haunted by the agencies troubling my quality life after visa approval from 4 years..I've traveled once on that visitor visa & since then they are not letting me to do any job neither allowing me to go to another country from home country..

So, as per my analysis they are blocking my time since I hold the US visa..So I want to cancel the visa.. 

Any way I can do it from my side with immediate effect or the process to be followed to cancel the visa which has still 6 years left from the current date...


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neither allowing me to go to another country from home country >>>> Really?

Who is stopping you US Immigration or Your home country govt?

Many time they do not allow you to go abroad if you have issue with the law.

Check back with home country law. USA is fine you going anywhere



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Troubling from home country claiming their name.....

I've reported a suspicious threat in 2015 when i was on Visit visa to USA..

Issue started since then after returning to home country...Neither allowing me to do any job, including work from home jobs as well.

I literally have nothing & not even signal jump or speeding ticket when i was in USA...

Sometimes, this feels funny & sometimes I feel sorry for them for being so dumb to block my time when I've double Master's.

There's nothing I could do about it other than gathering information...If visa could be an issue USA is well organized to handle these kind of issues to cancel the visa or revoke the visa or they will put me in do not fly list & not let me cross the Immigration point..

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Neither DHS or USCIS will not call you directly if you are in your home country. They will take help from local police.

so as long as local police is not knocking on your door you are just being spammed by the self declared Nigerian heir ..

neither the American agencies have the authority to stop you from Indian airport to foreign countries.. unless you have an Interpol outlook notice.. in which case you have already been locked up

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It seems you have not mentioned all the facts or the back ground about your problem. The visa has nothing to do with your travelling to any other country from your home country. You have not mentioned your home country or nationality.  As far as cancelling the B1 visa, I think you can visit the US consulate in your country and ask them to do so.

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