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H4 to F1

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Hi there I am a student and was in H4 for last 10 years - graduated out of high school and now a senior. I am turning 21 next year  so I converted my H4 to F1. I went to India and got Stamped with F1 came back and joined the school using my I20 and New visa. The questions  I have are

1. My H4 on my passport is still valid and also F1. Which Visa is now Valid ( I m thinking F1 overrides H4) wanted to confirm

2. My Parents are already have valid I140 and are waiting for dates to be current. What will happened if they get EAD and since I am in F1 I wont be eligible - but since my H4 is still valid will I automatically get EAD or do I have to cancel F1 and specifically have only H4 as a valid status ?

appreciate in advance for answering my query.

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A visa is an entry document. Your status in the US is determined by the I-94. Your parents' I-140 has no effect on you. You won't get an EAD based on their immigration status.

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You were admitted in F1 status, not H4...your parents' green card status does not affect you...they can file a petition for you, but that will take 7-9 years to become 'current'..and ONLY if you remain unmarried.

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