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Experience Letters for filling PERM

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My Employer asked me collect experience letters from all my previous companies where very last job should suffix the conditions meeting the requiment to file my PERM.

I worked for an employer who has it’s unit in India with different name. This is for the legal purposes. So, when I came to US, I literally gave resignation to my India unit and joined US unit by signing the offer and appointment letters. I worked for India unit for around 4.5 years, and more than 5 years in US unit. My overall experience is more than 13 years.

Before joining this employer (India & US units), I worked for another two companies in India out of which first one had not been functional any more.

Just to clarify few questions I have:

1)   For filing my PERM, will my experience letter from my India unit shall be fine to suffix the condition to meet the minimum requirements?

2) If above point #1 works, then still do I need to produce experience letters from my previous employers, other than India unit?

3) What shall I do in case, I will not able to gather all my experience letters from all my previous employers?

Please help me by answering these questions for PERM filing.

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