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H1 Approved but case reopened again

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Hello All,

My H1B has been approved 2 months back but not received the i-797 .When we submitted service request for  missing approval document .USCIS reopend my case and it's under processing.

What does it mean?

Are they review my case again?


Thank you.

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Sorry to hear that happened, online statuses are weird with USCIS, check with your attorney as they usually are the first people to get updates, they should know on why your case was reopened. 

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Thanks for response.

we got notice from uscis and stating that

"we have reviewed your case and we are treating the appeal field for your case listed above as MTR. We will  notify you in writing when we make a decision on your case or if we need any additional documents".


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Hi, this is my first time contacting Murthy law form i heard a great words about you. need you help. my H1B got approved last 2 weeks back and received i797 form. but now in online on 10th april  2019 in online my case was showing reopened saying (reopen or reconsider our denial of your case)

not sure what happening to my case and my employer and attorney  said still they didn't received any physical notice. and right now my employer said to apply for premium amendment.

so at this point how i should be moving forward with next steps? can you please provide your suggestions 

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