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Lost Job while EAD is coming up for renewal

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I lost my job while my EAD, based on employment (I-485 > 180 days ), is expiring in 3 months. Will I be able to renew it without a job? If job is needed, will a non-paid job will help renew it. Please suggest ASAP

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At the time any such form is requested or an RFE issued, the op needs to show a similar job offer using AC21. A derivative for example can stay unemployed for years and still renew the EAD every time just in case they want to work.

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There are some who have been waiting for 10yrs after applying for I-485, and there are others who get them in 1yr.

Supp J is an insult to those who have gone through the whole process righteously and waiting for 10yrs, now they have to again prove that someone wants to hire them with the same skill set. What if you cannot get such a letter from any company. Why would any company provide you with that assurance that they will hire you eventually. It's sad & unfair.


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