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Work Address for H1B Extension RFE

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I work for Indian service provider (EVC model). Below is my situation.

1. H1B extension filed in Mar'18. I was in city A at that time.

2. Moved to city B (>50 miles) for same client. Hence filed LCA amendment in Jul'18 (before moving).

3. Converted my H1B extension case to premium in Aug and received RFE.

4. Employer asked me to obtain client letter.

Client gave the letter stating I'm working in city B. My employer is asking to get a client letter with city A mentioned. Client will not provide with city A as that is not correct. What are my options to show the work evidence in this case. Please advice.


1. SOW is not used in my project.

2. My employer will not tell me the actual question asked in the RFE.

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