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Dependent Priority date Wrong

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We have filed employment based I-485 EB3 End of the August , we got receipt copy today, Applied I am primary and Wife dependent, 

In Spouse I-485 Priority date is wrong and Preference Classification is wrong . 

She have her own Approved I-140  Priority date  June 2014 EB2,

Her I-485 Receipt Shows, her Priority  date 2014  and Preference Classification , Instead of mine 
Do i need to Call USCIS and correct  same like mine or Is it normal  ?? is any one have faced this issue 

Thank you,

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Looks like her I-485 didn't indicate that she's a dependent on your I-140.

Have your lawyer (you have one, do you?) correct it.

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I have contacted lawyer, no answer from them, I am waiting reply from them. To correct what need to be done ?? Can i Call USCIS directly ask them correct it over the phone, because when we did I485 we mention she is dependent on my paperwork. 

Thank you.  

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They don't do anything over the phone. They can't verify who is calling them, and there would be no record. Everything with USCIS has to be in writing.

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