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Veerendra M

Expired I-94 but Valid I-797A with I-94 on the bottom

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I recently entered into USA on April 8th 2018 on H1-B visa from my old employer (valid until August 25th 2018). The CBP(Customs and Border Protection) Officer stamped my passport with the same date and I-94 website shows the same. - August 25, 2018.

I started working for a new employer on May 1st and my I-94 on the I-797A from New employer has a valid date until April 2021. However, my new I-797A was approved on March 27th 2018 which was before my last entry into the USA (April 8th 2018) but I received it only on my first day of new job i.e May 1st 2018.

While entering on April 8th I did not have my new I-797A so I gave the CBP officer my old I797-A and they stamped according to that date.

So will the I-94 date(April 2021) on my new I-797A take control/precedence over the date on the I-94 website (August 25, 2018) ? or Am I out of status because my CBP I-94 was issued after my USCIS I-94 and my CBP I-94 controls/takes precedence?

Please advise. 


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I believe if the start date on the petition i94 was Aug 28,2018 - Apr 2021 you would have been in good shape, you may want to consult CBP office to see if they can help match the dates. 

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