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Is original i-797 approval document required for at the POE?

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I recently got the H1B extension visa stamped and would be traveling back to US next week. I do not have the original i-797 with me and would like to know if it could be a problem at the port of entry. The employer has not changed between the extensions.



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You are good to travel with a copy. Original is not required and is not a travel document in the first place. If original is requested, answer why you dont have it.  

This question has been answered several times. Please use the forum's search functionality before posting redundant questions.


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Happened to me. It is better to have original I-797 but not absolutely required. Officer may ask you why you do not have original & where is the original. But that's it! Give your answer and then it won't be any issue.

For some reason, at port of entry, officer's believe that if you have I-797, your employment is genuine. If you do not have that, they doubt that your stamped visa may not hold true and you may not be working for same employer. I have several I-797 but work for one employer.

The fact is that CBP officer don't know  that USCIS don't call back I-797 when you change employment.

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