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No lastname on passport and Firstname on visa with FNU

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Hello All,

I am filing to sponsor PR for my wife but there is an issue with lastname. Her passport doesn't have any last name and the H4 visa issued to her has firstname as FNU.

Passport Bio Page: 

Given Name: ABC XYZ

Last Name: Blank

Ideally the last name should be XYZ.

H4 Visa page:

Given Name: FNU

Last Name: ABC XYZ.

Birth Certificate: ABC XYZ

While applying for PR, in the forms, which way i need to mention the last name and first name? I have gone through forums and blogs and its mentioned that USCIS considers birth certificate. Do i have an option to mention the correct version of the name in the forms (like below),

Given Name: ABC

Last Name: XYZ

Can you please provide your best inputs to sort this in a simple way?

I have to rectify the passport, which i am going to do that in the next few months as the passport is going to expire next year. 


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If there's a mistake in the passport, why hasn't it been corrected sooner? 

TLDR If the passport details are correct, fill out the i-130 based on the passport and use the "other names used" option. 

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She has been using passport with incorrect name for 9 years? You need to get that fixed before anything - It doesn't matter when it is going to expire. The more you delay this the more stamps and incorrect information going to appear on her passport that will more difficult to rectify.

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