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H1B 221 (G)

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Dear All,


I had a H1b Interview on 02-AUG-2018 at India-Hyderabad location and Vo Asked me general Question, after some time VO given 221 G from and collected my paasport and I797-B form and not mentioned any additional required documents, still i didn't received any email. attached form for your reference, please advise me on this how can i approach them. Thanks a lot for your support.


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Looks like they are double checking your past history and current petition and doing an additional admin processing. It's a wait game. Nothing can be done, in case if they need any docs, they will email you to send them.

EX If you owe a single $ to IRS also matters. So you may assume unlimited reasons to get 221.  You know better than any one about you, why did you get the 221G. You did not post the Q & A you had with VO. Post your interview experience, that might help us to tell you why do you have 221G

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Hi All,

Thanks for your reply.

my petition was transfer from A Employer to  B, and i had visa interview in Dec-2016 with Employer A, that Visa was expired on Oct-2017 and A employer revoked my 1st petition and B Employer Applied for Transfer on Oct-2017 as normal process on Feb-18 its converted into Premium process and got RFE on Mar-18 we B Employer Responded for RFE on 30-MAY-18 and case was approved on 06-JUN-18. 

attended for OFC on 19-JUL-2018 and 02-AUG-18 was Visa Interview. with my Wife 

below are my Visa interview questions:

VO: Is this again this new poetition

Me: Yes Madam Again its new Petition

VO: Is this your Wife

Me: yes Madam she is my Wife

VO: Oh Very Nice

VO: when did you get marry

Me: 4 years back

VO: Do you kids

Me: No Madam, we are expecting

VO: Oh Congrats

VO: which Site you will work

Me: Could you Please Repeat the Question

VO: Which Location 

Me: Given the Answer for Location (Austen, Texas)

VO: What is your current Salary

Me: $85k

VO: Is this Staffing Company

Me: No madam it's IT Development company,i am working with company in india since a year, they have a barnach office in USA

VO: What is your Position

Me: Oracle Apps Technofunctional Consultent

VO: Can you Please  Repeat again

Me: Repeated

VO: what is your highest Degree

Me: M.Sc Electronics, B.Sc Computer Science 

VO: that's ok, in Master Electronics, 

Me: Yes Madam

VO: Is it comes E.C.E or E.E.E

Me: Its comes under E.C.E

VO: Its Electronics Communication  

Me: Yes Madam, its comes under Electronics and Communication

VO: when did you get marriage

Me: Is years madam

in between VO observed in her monitor and enquirer with her colleagues, after that she gave me white 221 g form and told me that, this is for you and you will receive an email if any thing required from you and check the status on in this portal. 

Edited by Jagan.patni

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Hi All,

Today i got phone call from US Consulate the asked me some information and after that they asked me to send the list of documents now and will reach you if  we need any more information required.

Telecaller : Hi Jagan I am from US Consulate, this call regarding your US Visa Verification.

Me:             Yes please

Telecaller: where are you working currently

Me: I am working with XX Software Service

Telecaller: where is your office in India

Me: Jblihils Road No-2, Near Annapurna Studio.

Telecaller: how long you are working with this company and when did you Joined.

Me: I am working with this company since a year my joining date 10-JUL-2017

Telecaller: where you will work in USA

Me: I will work at XX Software Service US Office Austin, Tx.

Telecaller: which Project you will work

Me:           XX Project

Telecaller: what about it

Me: that time I was on road went for lunch and returning to office. I requested her. Madam actually I am returning to office, if you don’t mine can you please call me after some time.

Telecaller: that’s ok

Me: Thank you Madam

Telecaller: Called me again, Mr.Jagan this call continues to your previous call.

Me: Thank you madam please give me few mints I will come to conference hall.

Telecaller: Mr.Jagan when did you joined in this company, its 2017 right

Me: yes madam in 10-JUL-2017

Telecaller: what is this company and what you will do.

Me: it’s a software development company and it is oracle gold partner. I a working in this company as software  developer

Telecaller: which project you are now.

Me: currently  I am working for XX Project.

Telecaller: what is this project and how it will work.

Me: XX project is tool, this project will be more helpful to business, this tool contain (Reports, Interfaces and Custom Forms), this product will save the customer time and it will be user friendly tool.

Telecaller: what is your role in this project

Me: I am a Oracle Apps techno functional consultant, I will work on interfaces developments, reports developments and OAF pages developments. I am specialized in oracle advance tool.

Telcaller: how many are in this Project

Me: 6 people

Telecaller: you are working in this project currently then why are you going to USA.

Me: I am specialized in Oracle Products, I have a strong knowledge in Technical and Functional along with ADF, OAF and advanced skills, I am good in integration between oracle tools (EBS and Cloud),all my team members are working in USA and I am the single person working in India, so there is an issue with coordination due to time zone, so my boss wants me to be there for fast deliver the project.

Telecaller: you are saying that the product to be delver fast, do you have any customer ready to take this product.

Me: yes we have a XX is my customer Ready to take this  project.

Telecaller: what type of customer

Me: XX is USA Based company they have number of customer with different business they will use this product in their business.

Telecaller : ok that’s fine please take a note of this email and send me the list of documents: hope these all the documents are ready with you so please send ASAP. Still if need any documents we will call you.

1)      Detail Description about Project

2)      Time Lines of the Project (Start date: planning to end)

3)      List of Employees working in this project

4)      Who is the Client ready to take this project there agreement and signed letter

5)      LCA Copy  

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