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Can B2 visa revisit to US within 1 month after they left?

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My in-laws were in B2 visa and stayed in US for 5.5 months. Last month they left to India. Now we are in a situation where my in-laws have to come back to US.

So with-in a month we wanted them back to USA on Visitor Visa. They have valid Visa and passport.

Will there be any questions during the Port of Enty?

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Why would they "have to" come back?

They risk getting denied entry.

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How long did they stay in India during one of their prior 5.5 month 'visit' back in 2013?

They're at risk of being cited for b2 abuse, and risk being denied admission. 

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No one 'has to' return to the US as a legitimate tourist......no one....the only reasons that someone allegledly 'has to' return are :(a ) continue providing child care [which is not allowed on a B2 visa) or (b) return to some other form of employment.....CBP will surely cancel their visas and send them home...and who could blame them? There are NO reasons anyone 'has to' return to the US as a tourist...impossible. Love to hear the excuse(s)....

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