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H1 new rule

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After September 11, if I apply for h1 and h1 gets rejected, can I change to visitors visa and then reapply H1 again, so that I can stay in the US.


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It depends on your I94 validity and COS takes considerable time and you have to be in a valid status until COS result come and the consequences if it is denied. And COS from a different visa to H1 is also time consuming and you cannot work until it's approved and there is no premium for COS.

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The new rule is to push employers to submit correct documentation and reduce delays in processing times.  I don't understand why employers submit an H1B petition without proper documentation such as MSA, client letter, employee-employer relationship.. these are such basic things for H1, and most consulting companies intentionally do not submit these documents and exploit employees and risk their future also.

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