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Application for H4 EAD and F1 at the same time.

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What would happen if I file for a H4 EAD(fresh application) and a F1 COS  at the same time.

My assumption is which every request is processed first shouldn't have any issues, while the other might have an RFE, is this correct?


Due to longer times and with a recent I140 approval, and since H4 EAD is still active, we were thinking of this.

Please let us know your thoughts?

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How would you get admission on demand to a College course? If you try taking short cuts by applying for dubious places, you know that enforcement is at an all time high.-

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If you want to study you don't need an F1. You can study just fine on H4.

If you want to work, you would need to get an H4 EAD. The F1 is for studying, not working. And getting admission to a university takes several months.

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